Belgrade, 18 March 2016

DIA Serbia welcomes university students in the Global Money Week

On the occasion of the celebration of the Global Money Week, traditionally held in March each year, the Deposit Insurance Agency gave a series of lectures to the students of the Faculty of Economics of Subotica on 16 and 17 March 2016.

In four interactive lectures, the students were given key information about the deposit guarantee scheme in Serbia and were also explained the overall mandate of the Deposit Insurance Agency of Serbia, and its position in the financial safety net. They showed keen interest in the methods of funding of the deposit insurance scheme and in the procedure of the reimbursement of insured depositors in case of a bank failure. The representative of the Students’ Parliament of Subotica, Ms. Vanja Stankić, said that the students greatly appreciated the chance to learn more about the scheme as she was convinced that it would be very helpful to all once they had completed their studies.

Global Money Week celebrations aim to promote financial literacy among children and youth, and to teach them about money, saving, gainful employment, creating livelihoods and entrepreneurship. These public awareness programs are supported by schools, universities, governments, financial institutions, the civil society as a whole and the youth worldwide.