15 and 16 of March 2017,

Students Visit Deposits Insurance Agency of Serbia

On 15 and 16 of March 2017, the Deposit Insurance Agency (the DIA) delivered a number of lectures to the students of the Economic Faculty in Subotica. The staff of the DIA’s Department for Monitoring and Preserving Financial Stability spoke about the deposit insurance scheme – the topic chosen by the students themselves.

Students were explained the DIA’s importance and role in safeguarding the financial stability, as well as in preserving and strengthening the public confidence. While learning about the main features of the deposit guarantee scheme, they also found out about how the funds are collected and invested, and in which cases they can be used.

The hosts also stressed the importance of efficient reimbursement of insured depositors and the fact that the DIA is capable of starting the payout process much before the expiry of the legal timeframe of seven business days after the occurence of the insured event. This timeframe as a unified standard will be set in all EU jurisdictions in 2024.